The Harbour City Yacht Club floating clubhouse is located at: 43° 37′ 15″ N 79° 22′ 53″ W

Reciprocal Yacht Clubs around Lake Ontario The HCYC clubhouse has four, newly installed, floating docks that are attached to our clubhouse. Reservations are required.

Individual members of yacht clubs who have exchanged reciprocal privileges with HCYC are welcome to use our floating clubhouse during their visit as well as receiving reciprocal docking privileges, first night free, pay for the second night. Please sign the guest book and register and pay for the second night (at Toronto Island Marina rates) at the Marina office. Additional nights can be arranged with the Marina office providing there is space available. The Marina can be contacted at 416-203-1055 or

Access to the clubhouse by water is through C Basin, off Deep Pike Cut. The clubhouse is at the far Southern extremity of the basin. Take care entering the basin when the water is low as there is sometimes a sand bar across the opening. To access the clubhouse by foot or bicycle take the path to C Basin that starts behind the Marina office.

The clubhouse code is available from the Officer of the Day, or from one of the Flag Officers or Directors, whose names and cell phone numbers are posted on the clubhouse door, or from the Marina office.

For cruising groups wishing to make reservations, the arrangements differ. They are asked to pay for the first night (through the Marina office) to reserve the number of slips they need. They then receive the second night free. Slips are plentiful at the Marina, except on long weekends when they fill up fast, so reservations are recommended.

Most slips have 15 or 30 amp power. There are three sets of washrooms/showers for boaters and codes are available from the Marina office.